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About Romancing The Stone Montana

Nature Scene by Romancing The Stone Montana

We love rock! Nature colors in stones are ways that man cannot truly duplicate. We use nature’s talent in every piece we make at Romancing the Stone Montana. Our shop is located in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana. We specialize in hand sandblasting images of wildlife, nature scenes, western life, & even domestic animals into slate.


We paint inside the sandblasted area to bring out the various colors in the stone & define the silhouette. Next we surround the stone in steel matting. Then we finish each piece by building our own Cedar or Ghost Wood frames. 


Since each rock is unique in color & characteristics, every item we make is a true "one of a kind" - no other piece can ever be exactly the same!

Our pictures perfectly suit any Country Home, Cabin or Rustic Western Ranch House. If you live in the City & have an idea involving City Sky Lines, Historic Bridges or other nearby landmarks, we can do those too!


Love the ocean? Ships & Sea Life can easily be brought to life in stone. Just give us your ideas & let’s get to work!

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